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How to get started

Creating a search profile allows you to define your wants and needs in a new home, including desired location, number of bedrooms, and any other must-have features. This information is essential to find properties that match your criteria, saving you time and effort in your home search.

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Some other things to consider

  • Pre-Approval

    If you are financing your purchase, a pre-approval from a lender provides a clear understanding of your budget and what you can afford. Our vast network of lenders can provide several

  • Showings

    There are several factors to consider when scheduling showings, such as availability of the home, accessibility, lighting conditions, and potential distractions. Plan ahead to make the most of your viewing experience.

  • Making an offer

    Make sure you consider factors such as the home's appraisal value , budget, desired closing date, and any contingencies you want to include in the offer.

  • Inspection

    Consider the type of inspection, inspector qualifications, and potential issues when deciding to have an inspection for a home you plan to purchase.

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