How to get started

The first step for an investor looking to buy a home is to determine your budget and financing options, including obtaining pre-approval for a mortgage if necessary. This will help you understand the price range of homes you can afford and enable you to move quickly when you find a property they like.

Additionally, knowing the type of investment and resources avalaible are crucial before starting the search. For example, are you looking for a fix-and-fli or buy-and-hold?

From there, you can begin to research a target market and neighborhoods to ensure a good investment decision.

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Some other things to consider

  • Cap rate

    Cap rate is a crucial metric for real estate investors as it evaluates potential return on investment, allowing for informed decisions and comparison of properties.

  • "As-Is" condition

    Purchasing a home "as is" can allow for a quicker closing process and the ability to purchase a property at a discounted price. If this is a strategy you want to take, it is still important to get a full home inspection.

  • Tenants

    When buying a home with tenants, it's crucial to understand local ordinances and analyze existing leases to ensure compliance and avoid potential legal issues. Stay informed to make informed decisions.

  • Property maintenance

    Having a property maintenance team in place before buying an investment property is essential for ensuring proper upkeep, addressing maintenance issues promptly, and maximizing rental income. Plan ahead for a successful investment.

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